Property, Method and Event

A property is a named attribute of a programming object. Properties define the characteristics of an object such as Size, Color etc. or sometimes the way in which it behaves. For example, a TextBox accepts properties such as Enabled, Font etc.

A method is an action that can be performed on objects.In object-oriented programming, a method is a connected or built-in procedure, a block of code that can be invoked to impart some action on a particular object. A method requires an object to provide them with a context. For example, the statement
Text1.Move 700, 400
performs a very precise action.

The program’s response to an action taken by the user is referred to as an event. An event is a signal that informs an application that something important has occurred. It is an action which you can respond to, or “handle” in code. Events can be generated by a user action, such as clicking the mouse or pressing a key; by program code; or by
system. Note that the user initiates the event, but it is the program’s response that actually defines the event.

Common properties for several Visual Basic controls

Alignment :  Determines whether text on the control,such as a label or command button, is left- justified, centered, or right-justified on the control. BackColor Specifies the color of the control’s background, which you select from a palette of colors when you open the property’s drop-down list box of colors.

Enabled:  Set by a drop-down list box, this property is either True if you want the control to respond to the user or False if you want the control not to respond to the user. This property is useful for turning on and off controls when they are and are not available during a program’s execution.

Caption: Lists the text displayed on the control.

Name: Specifies the name of the control. The the Name property in parentheses so that it appears first in the list of properties.
ToolTipText : Holds the text that appears when the user rests the mouse cursor over the control at runtime (similar to ScreenTips).
Visible :Set by a drop-down list box, this property is True if you want the control to be visible on the form or False if you want the control to be hidden from view.