Problems of MSMEs / New Ventures

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinMSMEs / New small entrepreneurial ventures / Khadi Enterprises/ Rural or Village Enterprises constitute an important segment of the Indian economy ; In terms of their contribution to country’s industrial production, employment, exports and creation of entrepreneurial base. However,this sector is plagued with different problems such as: 1. Problem of Raw Materials:  Availability of raw materials – of right quality – in right quantity – at right price

Graph Theory  : Advanced Terminology

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinWalk or Chain: A finite alternating sequence of vertices and edges, beginning and ending with vertices, such that each edge is incident to its preceding and following vertices is called Walk. Note: i. the origin and terminus of a walk may be same. A vertex or an edge may appear twice or more. iii. A self-loop can be included . e.g.: W, e1 , X, e6 , Y, e7

Graph  : Types

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedin Undirected Graph: An undirected graph is one in which edges have no orientation.       Directed Graph: A directed graph or digraph is an ordered pair D = (V, A) with V a set whose elements are called vertices or nodes, and A a set of ordered pairs of vertices, called arcs,  directed edges or arrows.     Simple Graph: A graph having no parallel edges and no self loops is called simple graph.            Example:   Null Graph: A graph having no edge is called a Null

Graph Theory : Introduction

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedin What is a Graph? A graph G is an ordered triple consisting of: A non-empty vertex set V(G ) An edge set E(G ) A relation between an edge and a pair of vertices A graph is denoted by G = (V, E). The word “graph” was first used in this sense by J.J. Sylvester in 1878.     Graphs are one of the most interesting data structures in computer

Graph Theory : Basic Terminology in Graph

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedin Vertex: The dots used in a Graph are called vertices. Edge: The lines joining certain pair                               of vertices are called edges. Vertex Set: The set of all vertices is called the vertex set of the graph. It is denoted by V. Edge Set: The set of all edges is called the edge-set of

ASP.NET: Dot NET Framework architecture

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedin.NET Framework architecture .NET Framework is a platform created by Microsoft for developing Windows applications, web applications and web services. .NET Framework runs on Windows OS. .NET Framework has been designed such that it can be used from any language. This includes C#, C++, Visual Basic, Jscript and COBOL. These languages can communicate with each other that is it is possible for C# developers to make use of code

ASP.NET : Master Page

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinMaster Page and Content Pages : With most web sites, only a part of the page changes, when you go from one page to the another. To create web pages with a consistent layout you need to define these relatively static regions in a single page that is master page which enables you to define the look and feel of all the pages in your site in a single

ASP.NET : Managing States

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinManaging States   ASP.NET manages four types of states: View State Control State Session State Application State  View State The view state is the state of the page and all its controls. It is automatically maintained across posts by the ASP.NET framework. When a page is sent back to the client, the changes in the properties of the page and its controls are determined, and stored in the value

ASP.Net Environment

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedin ASP.Net provides an abstraction layer on top of HTTP on which the web applications are built. It provides high-level entities like classes and components within an object-oriented paradigm. The key development tool for building ASP.Net applications and front ends is Visual Studio. In these tutorials, we will work on Visual Studio 2008. Visual Studio is an integrated development environment for writing, compiling and debugging the code. It provides