Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinVarious measures to promote growth prospect of business / trades: Blogging: Blogging admittedly offers more benefit to businesses with no location limitations, since it’s far more likely that most of our readers will just be curious people from out of state who are looking for more information on your product. However, when combined with local SEO and local social media marketing (given above), it can be just as powerful

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedin Privacy : privacy of any transaction or information provided by the citizen to the government agency must be ensured. Otherwise the information can be misuse by the private sector or competitors and the users may be reluctant to access the services provided. Security : Transaction security is another major problem in e-governance. The tax, fine and bill payment must be secured and the system design should be full

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinThe Government schemes for E-Governance towards the design of Higher Education Services System (HESS) are emphasizing on various needs for “ IT education and training “.             Einstein once said that no problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. Current needs suggest that we must learn to view the world and therefore education, in a new way. Higher education has in the past

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinAn appropriate IT infrastructure for E-Governance scheme to be implemented are: State Wide Area  Networks (SWANs), State Data Centres (SDCs), Common Service Centres (CSCs). STATE DATA CENTRES (SDCs): State Data Centres (SDC) have been identified as one of the important elements of the core infrastructure for supporting e-Governance initiatives .  State Data Centres are multiple data centres set up in various states of India to provide fundamental IT infrastructure

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinHigher education systems have grown exponentially in the last five decades to meet the demands of quality education for all. This aspect has further gained momentum due to swift advancements in Information and Communication Technology (ICT).   In the current information society, people have to access knowledge via ICT to keep pace with the latest developments. In such a scenario, education, which always plays a critical role in any