Difference Between

Natural Vs Man- Made Disaster

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedin Disaster  Disaster is a sudden calamitous event bringing great damage, loss, or destruction. Disasters can be classified into two basic categories based on their cause. Natural disasters and man made disasters are these two basic categories. Natural disasters are the disasters caused by natural forces whereas man made disasters are caused by activities of human beings. This is the main difference between natural and man made disaster. However, both these types of disasters


Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinA trade discount is one that is allowed by the wholesaler to the retailer, calculated on the list price of the product, whereas cash discount is allowed to stimulate instant payment of the goods purchased. The main difference between trade discount and cash discount is that ledger account is opened for a cash discount, but not for a trade discount. Trade Discount Vs Cash Discount BASIS FOR COMPARISON TRADE DISCOUNT CASH DISCOUNT Meaning


Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinDifference Between CISC and RISC Architectural Characterstics Complex Instruction Set Computer(CISC) Reduced Instruction Set Computer(RISC) Instruction size and format Large set of instructions with variable formats (16-64 bits per instruction). Small set of instructions with fixed format (32 bit). Data transfer Memory to memory. Register to register. CPU control Most micro coded using control memory (ROM) but modern CISC use hardwired control. Mostly hardwired without control memory. Instruction type