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Daily Bytes : 29th March 2018

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinCurrent Affairs 1.Where is the Head quarter of International Olympic committee? Ans: Lausanne, Switzerland .   2. Which Country Provide citizenship to Sofia (Robot) ? Ans: Saudi Arabia .   3.What is the retirement age of supreme court judge? Ans: 65   4. What is the capital of yeman ? Ans : Sana   5. When was the supreme court of India first Inaugurated ? Ans: 28th Jan 1950

Daily Bytes : 28th March 2018

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedin Shakti is a joint exercise between India and ___________? Ans: France.     2. Who established Shantiniketan , what now a university town, Visva-Bharati University? Ans: Rabindranath Tagore     3.  In which year USA adopted its constitution ? Ans: 1788   4. Who is the head of 15th Financial committee? Ans : N K Singh Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedin