Renu Subba

Computer Networking

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinNetworking Computer networking is the practice of interfacing two or more computing devices with each other for the purpose of sharing data. Computer networks are built with a combination of hardware and software. When looking at networking basics, understanding how a network operates is the first step to understanding routing, switching, and wireless. The network operates by connecting computers and peripherals using switches, routers, and access points. These devices are the essential networking


Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinBrief About Women Empowerment Women empowerment implies the ability in women to take decision with regard to their life and work and giving equal rights to them in all spheres like: personal, social, economic, political, legal and so on. Women are increasingly getting empowered to decide the course of their life and professions and realize their fullest potential. They profess an independent outlook, whether they are living inside their


Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedin What is E-Commerce? Transacting or facilitating business on the Internet is called E-commerce. E-commerce is short for “electronic commerce.”​ Popular examples of e-commerce revolve around buying and selling online or the transmitting of funds or data, over an electronic network, primarily the internet. But the e-commerce universe contains other types of activities as well. Any form of business transaction conducted electronically is e-commerce. Modern electronic commerce typically uses the World Wide