Marketing Strategies

Marketing Strategies

1. Identify your customers (companies, buyers and users):

 Start placing people and companies into categories to better understand your buyers and the different personas that are part of your user community.

 This process is the cornerstone of your marketing plan.

 2. Begin to build your unique messaging:

 Before kicking off an integrated marketing campaign, it is vital to identify messaging that will move the conversation forward with prospective buyers.

 Having command of your message ensures a consistent brand voice and will help your offerings better resonate with your customers’ range of needs and desires.

By honing in on what drives prospects’ decisions and how you can set your business apart from competitors, you can ensure your messaging hits home with each and every interaction.


3. Put your plan into motion–then track, measure and iterate:

 Once you identify your audience and messaging, it is time to launch targeted campaigns that will make your startup visible.
 These campaigns should be multifaceted and map to your buyer personas — maybe you source and market a third-party research paper that includesinterviews with your customers.
 As you dive into new marketing initiatives, be sure to have success metrics in place to gauge whether the campaign is delivering notable ROI.


4. Keep pivoting :
 Embracedisruption, embracechange.  As you begin to optimize your marketing strategy, you can measure both your new tactics and tried and true ones by holding regular check-ins with the sales team.
Sync up to see what kind of feedback or push back sales is hearing from prospects and where you can work to address any concerns.

Startups = change,

change = excitement


excitement fuels passion.


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