Legal Requirements

Legal Requirements

1. Register the Business :

  •  When setting up a business, your first job is to decide which business structure is best for you: sole proprietor, corporation, limited liability company or a partnership.
  •  The business structure you choose dictates the paperwork you have to file with the state secretary’s office where the business operates, but you first have to register your business and name with the state secretary’s office.

2. Stamping of Company’s Documents :

  • The Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association are the most important documents to be submitted to the ROC for the purpose of incorporation of a company.
  • The Memorandum of Association is a document that states the constitution of the company, objectives, scope of activities of the company and also defines the relationship of the company with the outside world.
  • The Articles of Association contain the rules and regulations of the company for the management of its internal affairs.
  • These documents should be stamped and submitted to the ROC along with relevant forms and registration fee.

 3. Get the Certificate of Incorporation :

 The ROC scrutinizes the documents and, if necessary, instructs the authorized person to make necessary corrections.

 Thereafter, a Certificate of Incorporation is issued by the ROC, from which date the company comes into existence.
4. Make a Seal:

 Making a seal is not a legal requirement for the company. However a seal is required to issue share certificates and other documents. Cost depends on the number of words engraved and the time period of delivery.

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