GPS- Application, Merits & Demerits


Application areas of GPS:


  • Collecting field data – travel to the field and capture location & attribute information.
  • Firefighter/police/ambulance dispatch.
  • Car & boat navigation.
  • Roadside assistance.
  • Business vehicle/fleet management.
  • Mineral/resource exploration.
  • Wildlife tracking.
  • Recreational (fishing, hunting, hiking, etc.)
  • Ski patrol/medical staff location monitoring.

Global Positioning System

Advantages of GPS:

  • Easy to look out the direction of destination.
  • The system is updated regularly by US government and is very advance
  • Easy to navigate with the help of cellular device.
  • Costs very low in comparison to other navigational system.
  • Very useful to navy since we get often mislead due to lack of proper direction


Disadvantages of GPS:

  • Consumes more energy which leads to faster draining of battery.
  • Can be affected by large buildings.
  • Inconsistent atmospheric conditions may affect the speed of GPS signals since it pass through earth’s atmosphere (ionosphere).
  • Currently GPS is managed by US DoD and we are utilizing free of cost but it is in the hand of US to allow or deny GPS service at any time.

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