Terms Used in Hotel Housekeeping

Here are some commonly used terms in housekeeping:

Banquets : It is a multi-course meal or feast, usually given by the host on occasions like a charitable gathering, a ceremony, or a celebration, often precedes or succeeds by honoring speeches.

Bridal Suite : Room reserved for the newly married people.

Check-In : Counter where you announce your arrival or departure to the hotel.

Coffee Shop: Place in a hotel where coffee, light drinks and meals are served.

Desk: Place that provides information or service in a hotel.

Dining Room :Room where guests have their meals.

En Suite: Attached to the room.

Guest Room: Bedroom for a visitor.

Head Board Upright panel designed or placed behind the head of a bed.

Lobby A hall, foyer, or waiting room at or near the hotel entrance.

Lounge: Public area of hotel where people can just sit and relax.

Reception: The area/desk at which the guests are received.

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