NET Application Types

.Net Applications

When you hear the name .NET, it gives a feeling that it is something to do only with internet or networked  applications. Even though it is true that .NET provides solid foundation for developing such applications it is possible to create many other types of applications.

Following list will give you an idea about various types of application that we can develop on .NET.

1. ASP.NET Web applications: These include dynamic and data driven browser based applications.

2. Windows Form based applications: These refer to traditional rich client applications.

3. Console applications: These refer to traditional DOS kind of applications like batch scripts

4. Component Libraries: This refers to components that typically encapsulate some business logic.

5.  Windows Custom Controls: As with traditional ActiveX controls, you can develop your own windows controls.

6.Web Custom Controls: The concept of custom controls can be extended to web applications allowing code reuse and modularisation.

7. Web services: They are “web callable” functionality available via industry standards like HTTP, XML and SOAP.

8. Windows Services: They refer to applications that run as services in the background. They can be configured to start automatically when the system boots up.

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